The ESTA For USA Travel Is Part Of The Visa Waiver Program or VWP

The ESTA for USA travel from another country makes everything a lot more simple. Applicants can fill out an application online without having to worry about a visa. They don’t have to visit a consulate or anything of that nature. Isn’t that good news that you don’t have to go to the embassy?

All you are going to be required to do is fill out the application online after visiting the official ESTA website. After doing that, you’re going to be ready to travel. Now, it sounds rather easy, but there are some stipulations. Some people get ready to apply for the visa waiver program and realize that their country isn’t on the list.

If you end up in that situation, I am sorry. It happens in this world, and maybe your country will be added to the list soon enough. Until then, you would have to go ahead and move forward with applying for a visa. Also, if you plan to stay in the US more than three months of 90 days, then that also would make you ineligible for the visa waiver program.

While that is true, it’s so great that the ESTA is available for those that are staying in the US less than 90 days. It’s a relief to so many people, and I hope it ends up being a relief to you. What you’re going to want to do now is apply online and see what answer you receive.

What’s great about the ESTA is you will be finished with the application in just a few minutes. Then you can focus on the rest of your travel plans, thinking about all the fun stuff. Enjoy your vacation in the US, and do as much as you can while you’re here. And you can come back to the US within a two year period without reapplying with ESTA, unless your passport expires.

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