Mistakes To Avoid When Completing Your ESTA Application

If you do not want to have your visa denied, it is essential that submit a completed ESTA application. Having errors may delay the process and/or be cause for denial. If you want to avoid having any problems along the way, do not make any of the following mistakes.

Answering Too Quickly

Read each question and digest all of the information carefully before proceeding. If you answer something wrong because you were moving too quickly, this is not something that will be excused. This applies to open ended questions as well as those where you are asked to check boxes. Either way, tread light and proceed with caution.

Ignoring Your Passport’s Expiration Date

If you are scheduled to return on a date that is past the time when your passport is going to expire, you will be rejected immediately. Always check this and renew your passport if necessary. This will help you avoid running into any issues.

Applying If You Overstayed Before

In the event that you have stayed longer than you were authorized to in the past, know that you will not have the opportunity to be approved again. There are no exceptions to this. Since you have already proven that you have an issue with following directions, no one will be willing to give you a chance to do it again. Even if everything on the ESTA application is filled out correctly, you will receive a automatic rejection.

The last thing anyone wants to deal with when completing this kind of application is having it end up with a big red “X.” You can avoid this fate by making it a point to keep all of this information in mind. If you ignore this, the only person you will have to blame for a bad result is yourself.

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