Cabinet Refinishing Orlando – Mistakes To Avoid

cabinet refinishing orlando

There comes a time when your cabinets are completely worn out that refinishing is the only way out. You can always choose to hire cabinet refinishing Orlando experts for the job or do it yourself. Whatever the case, here are cabinet refinishing Orlando mistakes to avoid.

1. The Wrong Weather

Note that, when refinishing your cabinets, you need a lot of ventilation so all the doors and windows need to be open. Therefore, you need to do it when the weather is right to avoid inhaling the bad fumes. On the other hand, when the weather is too hot, you might have some trouble with the refinishing products not setting in the right way. So you need to find a proper balance in between.

2. Unrealistic Time Expectations- Refinishing cabinets might take a while so you need to have realistic time expectations about the job. Of course, it might be unrealistic to assume that you will do everything within a day. You need to choose a specific time when you can survive without your kitchen for a few days to achieve the best results.

3. Lack Of Prepping

Refinishing cabinets might actually be complicated than you’ve assumed. Actually, they have a little bit more surface area that it might seem at first. If you want to do the right refinishing job, you need to clean and sand down everything thoroughly. At this stage, you might want to rush through but it will end up in rough surfaces. Take the time to prep your cabinets for the refinishing job and enjoy the best results when it’s done.

4. Avoiding The Primer

Whatever you do, avoid skipping the primer. There might be some interactions between what was on the cabinet and the paint or finish you’re applying. These could cause blemishes or lack of the wood taking the paint in the correct manner. Take the time to apply the primer for the best results.

5. Incorrect Measurements

You might be in a rush to visit the store and start refinishing your cabinets but you need to measure your cabinets first to get enough products for the job. That way, you don’t run out of finishing materials in between the project and have to run out to the store again to get more. Use the right measuring tools to get the best measurements of your cabinets. If possible, you can always ask for assistance from refinishing experts to avoid any issues later on.

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